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Selected as one of Unilever's 50 most innovative marketing companies in 2016.

Smarter Visual Communication

Imagery and video dominate the way brands communicate with consumers, but marketers lack data to understand which imagery is cutting through and, more importantly, why. That's where we come in.

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Any Visual, Anywhere

Our system automatically pulls in all the images and videos you post or promote on the web, including those your users share.

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Codified In Real-Time

Visuals are automatically tagged based on their contents.

Codified In Real-Time

Visuals are automatically tagged based on their contents.

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Visual Performance, Quantified

Our system finds patterns and quantifies which creative attributes boost or decrease performance for each channel and audience you care about.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

"Picasso Labs is an incredible resource that will allow Warner to tell stories through imagery knowing we're on the right path and connect fans and artists with the same goal and vision. We've never had an intelligent mechanism to be sure we're making the right decisions and this provides that missing link."

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Emmy Lovell

VP of Digital, Warner Music Group

"Picasso Labs has been a revolutionary platform for us with our Instagram paid & organic content. It has allowed us to easily identify what content is driving engagement & followers and make decisions around what content to produce moving forward. The platform is simple to navigate and helps us make better educated decisions, faster."

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Rachel Waller

Global Director of Online Communications, Farfetch

"Picasso Labs is an exciting new technology company that delivers visual performance insights at scale to help you optimize for any performance metric in question. Analysing large scale visual data helped us uncover key insights that were essential for formulating the client’s content and media strategy."

Thomas hirschmann 9b388d7be0cfc65a627ff30d19b637dbc6be6b1304d0f5d8acab1d2a35c0cf74

Thomas Hirschmann

Head of Digital Insights, Mindshare

"There was a natural fit between our client's needs and the Picasso Labs data solution. The campaign we ran was a huge success with ours and the client’s expectations being superseded. The actionable insights uncovered were invaluable. From this success we have a number of conversations in progress with other select clients as well as looking at how Picasso Labs may become part of our MediaCom standard offering."

Justin cross 27c77fa463ba276cd0b6fc04ad42ecd8ce9b3cfb1f243bb84be94a33647bebf1

Justin Cross

Head of Startups & Digital Director, Mediacom

"At M&C Saatchi Mobile, performance is at the heart of everything we do and making our creative development truly data driven has always been a key challenge. Picasso Labs has started to close that loop successfully for us. They have provided valuable, and above all actionable, insights into our creative, which has led to strong incremental campaign performance on one of our largest clients."

Alex hewson b688f9d3bf8efe4b9d9559946daf0be54958572e3eb4354c9a477ee1a17bdf91

Alex Hewson

Head of Media EMEA, MC Saatchi

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